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Emirates Flight Held At JFK Airport After Several Reported Sick On Board (CBS)

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Last month, a grand plan for the future of New York’s two major airports was announced: a 4 billion dollar revamp of LaGuardia and the development of a new hotel at the iconic 1962 TWA Terminal of JFK.

Historians and photographers (including Max Touhey, whose shots these are) have since converged on the late renowned Finnish architect Eero Saarinen’s iconic neofuturistic terminal to document the soon-to-be transformed interiors.


MORE: Capturing JFK’s Space-Age TWA Terminal Before It’s Revamped (Curbed)



[John F Kennedy during his visit to Limerick in 1963]

A special meeting [of Limerick City Council] ground to a halt on Friday after solicitors acting for Cllr Pat Kennedy indicated that he would start legal proceedings if plans to rename abridge in honour of John F Kennedy were not upheld.

One of the public at the meeting Michael Punch, Patrickswell, thinks it is “ridiculous” to rename the Shannon Bridge after JFK.

“Why should we name it after an American president who did not really do anything for our city, when there are so many who have done things for Limerick” he asked.

But Michael Leech, O’Connell Avenue disagreed: “It might attract some of the Kennedy family to the city, and the entourage they would bring.”

Limerick council threatened with legal action over bridge renaming (Limerick Leader)

Pic: Limerick Leader

BZq75pGIUAAPVIE.jpg large22/11/2013. Anniversary of the death of JFK. Tanai22/11/2013. Anniversary of the death of JFK. US De 22/11/2013. Anniversary of the death of JFK. TanaiFrequent visitor Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore laying a wreath at the US Embassy in Ballsbridge, Dublin today marking the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK.

The embassy’s unusual design (by John Mac L. Johansen and Irish architect, Michael Scott) was personally approved by President Kennedy when he took office in 1960.

Never forget.

Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland, US Embassy (top)

GORDON3DIGJFK AnniversaryThe picket fence on the grassy knoll at Dealy Dallas where many believe a second gunman fired on President John F Kennedy fifty years ago today (around 6pm Irish time).

Unable to conduct their own ceremonies on the plaza, as they have done annually since the murder, groups of conspiracy theorists – they prefer to be called “assassination researchers” – are holding conferences at nearby hotels. Officials have told them they will be permitted on to the plaza at 2.30pm.

Earlier this week, city workers re-laid the road surface along Elm Street, removing sections that had been marked by conspiracy theorists with Xs to show the approximate locations where Kennedy was hit.


Dallas holds first ever JFK ceremony as city confronts its infamous past (Guardian)



Co Waterford- based Pulitzer finalist Anthony Summers has revealed the identity of a previously unknown possible marksman in the assassination  of JFK in his updated book ‘Not in Your Lifetime: The Assassination of JFK’.

The man – named by Summers as Hermínio Díaz García – was a Cuban, a crack shot and a known political assassin who had already killed some twenty people.

Sez Summers:

“Today 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas. In all that time no one, other than Lee Harvey Oswald, has ever been plausibly named as having perhaps taken part in the assassination. Now, there is reason to suspect that this anti-Castro Cuban freedom fighter fired at President Kennedy.”

Díaz fought alongside the most aggressive anti-Castro exiles and reportedly told his leader Tony Cuesta, head of the group Commandos L, that he personally took part in the President’s assassination.

The fresh information surfaced in an unexpected call to the former chief counsel of the U.S. Congress’ Assassinations Committee, Professor Robert Blakey.

Eighty-one-year old Reinaldo Martínez, himself a Cuban exile living in Miami, said he had information he wished to share before he died.

Professor Blakey, together with Summers flew to Florida, questioned Martinez in depth  with  Blakey  haileing the new information as a “breakthrough of historic importance.”

‘Not In Your Lifetime: The Assassination Of JFK’ by Anthony Summers is published by Headline, priced £9.99

Anthony Summers