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Redditor gnarfox and his friends visited North Korea last month. Taking the approved government tour, they opened their minds to a ‘relentless stream of hyper-positive propaganda’ and made a film about it. Sez he:

Government minders picked us up at the airport and took us on what felt like the strangest four-day amusement park ride in the world. We arrived in the middle of Children’s Week. Young Pioneers (similar to Hitler Youth) from all over the country flooded into Pyongyang for several days of fantastical public rallies, all seemingly meant to bolster the personality cult of their new leader, 28 year old Kim Jong Un. Propaganda vans drive through the city blasting cheery slogans. People all over Pyongyang walk with purpose, but you can never figure out where they’re going. Most of the lights in the city go off at 11pm. They let you ride the Metro for one stop, but your fellow passengers may be actors. The rest of the Metro might not function. In short, nothing you see is verifiably real. It’s a Stalinist Disneyland on acid where everyone you meet smiles but the far-off fields are filled with elderly laborers snipping individual blades of grass with scissors.

Either that, or this is all just craven Western propaganda whose existence the Leader permits in order for capitalism to destroy itself from within.