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Oh it’s fupping on.

Or is it?

Darragh Doyle  writes:

“Almost in direct contradiction to what “they” said here and here. Customer service rep giving out wrong information?”



Legal Coffee Drinker writes:

“I believe I mentioned in my earlier post (‘No contract No Consent’?), under Section 21 of the Water Services (No. 2) Act 2013 (read in conjunction with the definition of ‘customer’ in Section 2 of the same Act) liability for water charges rests on the ‘occupier’ of the premises in respect of which the charges have been levied.

“Where the owner of premises has let premises under a tenancy, he is no longer the ‘occupier’ of that premises for the duration of that tenancy. This is because the essence of a tenancy is that the tenant has exclusive occupation of the premises for the duration of the tenancy, with the landlord no longer having the right to occupy it – or even enter it without the permission of the tenant – during that period.”

In the circumstances, there is no possibility that a landlord could be deemed an ‘occupier’ of premises for the purposes of liability for water charges in respect of any period while a tenancy of that premises is ongoing.

What may have caused confusion is that Section 21(5) provides that the ‘owner’ of premises is deemed to be the occupier of the premises until they prove otherwise. All a landlord has to do is produce a tenancy agreement to remove any contention that they are liabie for water charges for the duration of that agreement, placing this liability for such charges exclusively on the tenant.”



Apartments for ants?

A council spokesman said: “In the heart of Dublin’s north inner city, in an area extending from the North Circular Road to the River Liffey and from Amiens Street to Dorset Street, over 46pc of all homes have just one bedroom or less. Half of these homes were built over the past 20 years.”


….Fintan McNamara, a spokesman for the Residential Landlords Association of Ireland, disagrees about over supply of accommodation for single people households. He is convinced that micro flats are needed to address the shortage of affordable rental accommodation because so many bedsits have been taken out of the market since the authorities banned the division of old houses into flats which shared bathrooms and other facilities…

Independent.ie Is Micro Really Dublin’s Next Big Thing? (Independent.ie)

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From John Corcoran, of The Irish Commercial Tenants Association (and proprietor of Korky’s on Grafton Street, Dublin):

In his Árd Fheis speech on Saturday night Taoiseach Enda Kenny stated “We had intended to legislate to end upward-only rent reviews, but this proved impossible because of constitutional difficulties”.


Your Government has received a legal opinion from the esteemed former senior counsel Gerard Hogan stating that “Under Article 43.2.2 of the Constitution in the exigencies of the common good, the Government can interfere with these leases and allow commercial tenants market rents. Also, landlords are entitled to market rents but not to compensation.”


So, who’s right?


Irish examiner Letters

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