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By James Chapman. To wit:

In the Arabic version of the Simpsons, Homer/Omar drinks soda-pop instead of beer, eats beef sausages instead of pork chops and all scenes in Moe’s have been cut out. It got cancelled after 34 episodes.

Previously: Ah Mon Glob

Akihi-Hawaiian-noun-930x794 Commuovere-Italian-verb-930x794 Mangata-Swedish-noun-930x795 Wabi-sabi-Japanese-noun-930x799 Tsundoko-Japanese-noun-930x798 Tretar-Swedish-noun-930x801 Luftmensch-Yiddish-noun-930x795 Komorebi-Japanese-noun-930x795 Kilig-Tagalog-noun-930x794 Glas-wen-Welsh-noun-930x793

Illustrations of ten words considered untranslatable to single-word English from Lost In Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World – a new book by Ella Frances Sanders.



Dublin comic writer Bob Byrne’s ‘Big Bad Spanish’.

Promising to teach Spanish through “humiliating trial and error, brute force and immersion”.

Bob explains:

“You play as Benji, a guy with absolutely no Spanish skills. As you fight your way through the entire Spanish speaking world you will all manner of rude and unhelpful characters. You learn by jumping in, getting knocked down, dusting yourself and trying again. It´s a frustrating but enjoyable way to cement words and phrases into your brain forever…The game will be available first on iOS and then Android and PC but you can play the Demo online HERE.”

Reviews welcome anyone?


Modified, PG-rated scenes from the foul-mouthed Pixar classic by the Jake Vale Show, inspired by a Jimmy Kimmel skit.

Unnecessarily censored versions of Frozen, Despicable Me and Finding Nemo here.


In an excerpt from the BBC documentary series One Pair Of Eyes from 1969, the late Sir Patrick Moore interviews a man who claims to be Jackie Healy-Rae able to speak and write three ‘space languages’.