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From top: Interior of Cork’s Washington Street courthouse; John Carmody on Cork’s 96fm Opinion Line.

Dee writes:

Animal rights activist John Carmody spoke on the Opinion Line today to condemn the shooting dead of a pigeon that was “out of control” at the courthouse on Washington Street, Cork…


“Last week a pigeon entered Washington Street Courthouse and positioned itself around the dome of the building for the entirety of the day.The pigeon was suffering from being trapped indoors, and was not. responding to any attempt to lure it down and out of the building.As the courthouse dome is approximately 60 feet from the ground floor, it was impossible to catch the bird. The bird became distressed and an animal control specialist team were sent for.They had no option but to humanely use an air pellet to put the bird out of its misery.”

Statement from Courts Service.







Sligo-based artist Annie West writes:

This fella arrived at the office earlier this week and then came back again yesterday.
He’s sitting up there on the top layer of the office glaring at me. Well, gazing maybe.
Ironically sitting right beside the *Paddy Pigeon* illustration file.

I get very twitchy when I’m working while being watched so I kind of need to find out what I should be doing. He’s ringed but I don’t want to freak him out either or I’ll have Pigeon poo all over my artwork. Any suggestions.


Annie West