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An experimental short by Toronto based filmmaker Jonah Haber featuring dancer Niamh Wilson shot against a huge glow-in-the-dark backdrop as a strobe light creates a shadow trail of her movements.

The film is the official video for ‘Working for the Future In The Interlake’ by Canadian groovers Yes We Mystic



Reuters reports on an innovative new project at the Norwegian town of Rjukan – located at the base of a narrow valley and starved of sunlight for six months of the year.

The brainchild of local artist Martin Anderson, the plan involves three heliostat mirrors positioned at the top of the hill that will reflect a patch of SAD-dispelling sunlight into the town square all Winter long.



A new stencil piece in Shoreditch by London street artist ABOVE (who spent  seven months looking for just the right location).

It will continue to make sense every night as long the council doesn’t move that street light across the way.