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Hostels in Ireland write:

A bit of a heartwarming story for you today…and don’t we need it in this weather.

A young girl from Darkest Peru Donegal asked for An Óige membership for her teddy bear…. Introducing our newest member…Numfkin Noyle



Jerome writes:

I stopped in Boyle, Co. Roscommon yesterday with my family to get something to eat. There was a teddy, doing some sort of stationary backstroke in the Boyle River. Trying to come up with a satisfactory explanation for my little girl has been tricky, and seemingly endless.

Can you help?

Suggestions welcome below.

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All viral on the Imgurz this week and firmly at the nightmare end of the squee spectrum: pictures by Jessica Florence (top 4), Ellen van Deelen (5) and others.

You better believe this is an actual thing that you’ve not seen the last of.