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This afternoon.

Members of the Garda Public Unit take part in training exercises at the Defence Forces’ Gormanstown Camp – in front of journalists.


More videos via Shane Beatty


“It seemed to me that RTÉ’s fundamental failure was to allow this appetite for ‘edgy’, ground-breaking journalism to devour good journalistic practice and particularly editorial practice. It was failure above all of editorial control.”

Bryan Dobson on the Fr Kevin Reynolds affair.

‘Edgy’ journalism led to RTÉ error – Dobson (Independent.ie)


GalwayGirl writes (edgily):

So noted newsreader Bryan Dobson had a lot to say yesterday about editorial standards at RTÉ. Well, he’d certainly be a leading expert on that topic… Maybe stick to reading other people’s scripts to introduce other people’s journalism. Still though – looks good in a suit…


(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)

stunt stunt2

Stunt professional Keith Ward writes:

Now I know you don’t normally do this but…Was wondering could you give us a mention or shout out on your page.We’re Stunt Register Ireland – an emerging Stunt Organisation whose members have been featured in 2 Seasons of Vikings so far with Season 3 just kicking off. I myself have been part of the core stunt team alongside Coordinator Franklin Henson,  Asst Coordinator Richard Ryan and Paul Burke since its inception. We’ve really been kicking a** and taking names. I’ve attached 2 videos for you to have a look at which we coordinated, rigged, performed, shot and edited. Hope you like ’em…

G’wan the burning men!