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Bruno Imbrizi, a visual developer, has created a wonderful, interactive, live 3D map of the London underground. He achieved all this by combining the real time data from Transport for London with Freedom of Information requests for the depth of tube lines and London Underground Station locations.

GO HERE: Mind the Gap

Twirl the map around, sit back and just watch the flow of the trains through the city.

Explore the London Underground With This Awesome 3-D Simulation

(Hat tip: Jon Sedar)

A girl on the Berlin underground starts giggling at something on her smartphone. The laughter spreads. It’s clearly some class of a flashmob thing, but no less funny for that.

The video has gone viral in the last week, notching up over 1.7m hits. Check out the determinedly po-faced girl in the orange jacket who, as one commenter puts it ‘ needs to get the stick removed from her ass’


The Earthscraper, designed by BNKR Arquitectura is a proposed inverted pyramid beneath Mexico City’s Zocalo square that would extend underground for 65 stories.

When the Spanish arrived in America and ultimately conquered the Aztecs, they erected their Christian temples atop their pyramids. Eventually their whole colonial city was built on top of the Aztec one. In the 20th century, many colonial buildings were demolished and modern structures raised on the existing historic foundations. So in a way, Mexico City is like a massive layered cake: a modern metropolis built on the foundations of a colonial city that was erected on top of the ancient pyramids that were constructed on the lake.

The design is an inverted pyramid with a central void to allow all habitable spaces to enjoy natural lighting and ventilation. To conserve the numerous activities that take place on the city square year round (concerts, political manifestations, open-air exhibitions, cultural gatherings, military parades.), the massive hole will be covered with a glass floor that allows the life of the Earthscraper to blend with everything happening on top.

Marvel of design or Hive-style necropolis? Either would be good.

The Earthscraper (Arch Daily)

Over the sumer, a new exhibition of street art featuring the work of 103 artists opened in New York city: the largest-ever show of its kind.

In the weeks since, almost no one has seen the show. The gallery, whose existence has been a closely guarded secret, closed on the same night it opened.

Collectors can’t buy the art. The public can’t see it. And the only people with a chance of stumbling across it are the urban explorers who prowl the city’s hidden infrastructure or employees of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Street Art Way Below The Street (New York Times)