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Via Dublinia Viking experience:

The Vikings liked to groom themselves just as much as we did, the object in the middle (above) was a handy little vanity kit that they could hook onto their clothes like a keyring!

It had tweezers, and a little scoop for cleaning out all the wax in your ear!

They really liked to make a splash.


Never mind.

dog1dog2dog3dog4dog5From pet photographer Sophie Gamand’s Metamorphosis series. (Coco (l) and May (r) above) which she describes as:

…an ongoing project about dog grooming. Some people say “grooming is like having a new dog”. Exploring different stages of the grooming process, I discover the multiple dogs hidden in one.

Previously: Wet Dogs


wet-dog-02-685x685 wet-dog-09-685x685 wet-dog-08-685x685 wet-dog-07-685x685 wet-dog-06-685x685 wet-dog-05-685x685 wet-dog-03-685x685Photographer Sophie Gamand’s photo series ‘Wet Dog’. Sez she:

In collaboration with Pet Stylist Ruben Santana, I have photographed dogs as they are being washed before grooming. The way the water plays with their hair, and their facial expressions as the water is poured on them creates striking portraits that resemble famous humans or important characters. The dogs become sculptures.