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This afternoon.

Near the village of Thiepval, Picardy, France

President Higgins leaving the Thiepval Memorial of the Missing following the Somme 100 ceremony.

Today marks the 100th centenary of start the Battle of the Somme which was to last until November 18, 1916 with more than one million men wounded or killed

Pics via President of ireland

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This afternoon.

Essex Street, Dublin 2.

Anna Cosgrave founder of the Repeal Project, a sweater-based campaign that uses “outwear to give a voice to a hidden problem in Ireland”, outside her jumper-stuffed pop-up store.

The Repeal jumpers are available to be purchased online [link below] or in the Repeal Project pop-up shop in Indigo & Cloth, East Essex Street in Temple Bar, Dublin 2, from today until Sunday, July 3.

Proceeds from every jumper sale will be donated to the Abortion Rights Campaign.

Goes lovely with crumpled chinos.


The Repeal project

Leah Farrell/Rollingnews


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From top: Console CEO Paul Kelly and the charity’s former patron Mary McAleese in 2011; The panel on TV3’s Tonight with Vincent Browne last night

Last night.

On Tonight with Vincent Browne, hosted by Matt Cooper, the panel discussed the payments made to Console CEO Paul Kelly, his wife Patricia and son Tim – as recently reported by RTE Investigates.

The panel included Fine Gael Senator Michael Conway, Fianna Fáil TD Niall Collins; interim CEO of Console David Hall; and columnist with the Irish Independent Colette Browne.

Matt Cooper: “Did this come out of nowhere, is this only something that’s happened in recent times? Or for how long have people in authority been aware that there’s a problem?”

David Hall: “You know my function, when we came in, was to carry out this review and as I said to everyone concerned at the time, only the truth will be expressed from mine and those involved’s perspective. The review and the analysis of the HSE began in April 2015. The first interim report was given on the 1st of July, 2015. These are the documents I’ve seen and I have. The…”

Cooper:A year ago?

Hall: “A year ago. The ninth…”

Cooper:Money was still being given to Console, Console was still actually taking money from the public, was getting money from the State, for a year after the HSE knew there was a big problem here?”

Hall:Yes. The ninth version of this report was given to the board in March of this year.”

Cooper: “The ninth?

Hall:The ninth version and there is one more version I believe which is being tided up and is the final version not yet released by the HSE. The last version I have, and the one I relied upon in court today, with Justice Gilligan was version number nine. 176 pages. Actually, and this might sound a bit odd to say this but it’s a brilliant report. The people who conducted, this actually makes the situation ten times worse than you would imagine. The quality and the content of that report would be, for its investigative manners and information that it garnished, is brilliant.”

Watch back in full here

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Rebecca O’Neill writes:

Thought this might be of interest, Phibsboro Cat Rescue have launched a crowd funding campaign to fund a new physical site {above[ for the rescue behind the old Silver Skate Rink in Phibsboro, Dublin 7. To mark the occasion, they are holding a Jumble Sale at 11am tomorrow, Saturday [details at link below], might be of interest to local Dubliners!

Phibsboro Cat Rescue Jumble Sale

Building a place Phibsboro Cat Rescue can call home (

Phibsboro Cat rescue

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Further to the ever-rising motor insurance costs…

Ireland Underground writes:

Come [out tomorrow] and support us. We need every car, every van, every person possible to show the government and the insurance corporations that they answer to us. The power is with the people, they know this, we need to recognise this too.

…Meet us in Dublin at midday. We will drive through the city from midday and from 13.30 we will have on-stage entertainment followed by guest speakers in Merrion Square.

…Here is a brief outline of what we’d like to see happen:

  • Establish a task force (similar to the motor Insurance Advisory Board previously in place)
  • Tackle the claims culture more aggressively.
  • Reduce compensation payouts.
  • More transparent pricing structures of all insurance companies
  • More transparency on out-of-court settlements
  • Insurance purchased within any EU member state to be valid in Ireland



Ireland Underground

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Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness who called for a ‘border poll’ in the North following the Brexit result

Recent speculation about a referendum in Northern Ireland on reunification of the island has sent a shiver up my spine. A divisive referendum in Northern Ireland alienating both sides further is not what anybody needs right now.

A referendum result in favour of reunification would stress the political system in the South at a time when we need to deal with Brexit in an undistracted way. To paraphrase Augustine of Hippo: Lord, grant me chastity, continence and a united Ireland, but not yet.

Tom O’Rourke,
Co Wexford.

Border poll (Irish Times letters)

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