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“I will show [Northern Ireland First Minister] Peter Robinson evidence that Sinn Féin and the IRA internally investigated sexual abuse perpetrated by republicans, moved these people around the country, and in doing so put children at risk.”

Mairia Cahill (above) this afternoon

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Peter Robinson expresses support ahead of meeting with Maíria Cahill (irish Times)

(Stephen Kilkenny/Photocall Ireland)


But with her eyes closed.


Cat of the day.

Literally no trouble at all.

Dublin SPCA writes:

“Fluffy is a beautiful, long haired lady who is looking for a special home. She is a sweet, docile kitty and all she wants is a window ledge in the sun. She is 15 years old and came into our care when her loving owner sadly moved into a nursing home. She will happily snooze all day and will be a wonderful addition to a quiet home. If you are interested in adopting Fluffy, please email, or visit our campus in Rathfarnham [Co Dublin]…”

Dublin SPCA (Facebook)


“Let me give an example. A number of years ago the IMF and the World Bank foisted on the city of Dar es Salaam a water privatisation programme [see below]. This turned out to be a total disaster from which Tanzania and the city of Dar es Salaam have been trying to recover. The Minister [for finance, Brian Cowen] made specific reference to the provision of clean water in his speech. Much of the provision of clean water, as provided for by many of the directives of the IMF and World Bank, is via the privatisation of public water supplies. Does the Department of Finance have a position on money used for water programmes where the condition attached to such programmes is the privatisation of the supply?”

Joan Bruton in the Dáil, October 2006.

Good times.


Water Privatisation in Dar Es Salaam?

(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)

Thanks Bonzer

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Berkeley Road, Dublin 7.

Ludicrous and unnecessarily scary Dramatic Scenes following the transport of a woman from her home in Tyrrelstown, Dublin to the Mater Hospital with symptoms apparently consistent with ebola.

Leon writes:

“Gardai and ambulance crews shut down Berkeley Road in a suspected Ebola case. The HSE has since confirmed the lady was tested for the deadly virus, though was given the all-clear. Witnesses reported that ambulance crew, and other staff wore protective gear throughout the investigation. Large areas surrounding the hospital were shut-down in accordance with procedures outlined by Health Minister…”

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(Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland)



The re-issue of a timeless classic.

A gift to pass on to the children of the future.

Or to sit beside the Harpic in your ironic loo book collection.

Geraldine Feehily of O’Brien Press writes:

“Today is the official publication date for the 25th Anniversary Edition of The Fridge in a Denim Jacket by Zig and Zag. It’s full of ridiculously zany jokes and handy tips for life, like how to master Zogspeak and how to recognise a Green Wibbly Wobbly Monster. We Have SIX copies to giveaway to six Broadsheet readers judged the best at completing the sentence below:

“A childhood without Zig and Zag is like _________________________________’

Lines MUST close at 5.45pm

The Fridge In A Denim Jacket (Zig and Zag, O’Brien Press)

No cash, favours, bukes, etc given for this post other than de prizes.