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My God they‘re beautiful.

The Gleeson [D] and The Fassbender at this evening’s European premiere of Frank in the Light House Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin.

It’s all about the hair, in fairness.

Pix: Lars



There’s always one.

Thanks Mary Flaherty

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Michael Fassbender with fan Dolly Osimore (top) and Domhnall Gleeson with fan Vicky Bailez.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)



Green Party leader Eamon Ryan (right) and German Green Party MEP and digital civil rights leader Jan Philipp Albrecht, (left) at Tcube, Castle Street, Dublin this evening.

Jan is the “European Parliament’s rapporteur for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation as well as for the EU-US data protection framework agreement” and yet is probably bugged surprisingly against the mass surveillance of innocent people like YOU.

Gotterdamm hipster.

Green Party presents Jan Albrecht at TCube 

Pic via Green Party


[Storyful founder Mark Little]

“Facebook is launching a new service called FB Newswire featuring hand-picked, journalist-verified stories that will be powered by Irish company Storyful….”

To the begrudgery sticks.

Fair play though, in fairness.

Meanwhile, our talks with Bebo have fallen through again.

Storyful to power Facebook’s new FB Newswire service (SiliconRepublic)