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Cats’ Aid writes:

This friendly neutered male cat was brought to the vets after a near miss with a truck. He was lucky and sustained no injuries ! He was found outside Haywood estate on the Naas road, Blessington, Co. Wicklow. After two weeks at the vets his owners still haven’t come forward which is surprising as he is very playful and lovable – he rolls over to have his belly scratched….if he’s yours call 045-857875

Stop that.

Cats’ Aid Dublin (Facebook)


Friday July 11: St. Vincent @ Iveagh Gardens, Dublin (€36)

Nialler9 writes:

Annie Clark’s music has become increasingly muscular and theatrical since she toured with David Byrne a few years back, to the point where there isn’t a more vital rock show on tour at the moment. Support comes from Danish band MEW.

Nialler9’s Gig Guide July 7-13 (Nialler9)


Bono and Ali at the Opening of The Kitchen  in 1994 (top)

Did you mong out in The Kitchen?

The Kitchen Re-union 2015.

For one night only

Johnny Moy writes:

The Kitchen [at The Clarence Hotel, Essex Street, Temple Bar] opened its doors over 20 years ago and hosted 7 nights per week of different music from House / Hip Hop / Techno and all the micro genres that followed, huge international guests played week in week out – pre super club era – way too many to mention so we will play homage to them on this night and break out the classics that made it so special.

The Sugar Club, Leeson Street, Dublin on July 11. Doors 11pm. €10.


This afternoon

Syrzia Sinn Féin’s front bench form a sneakily defiant if subtle (to the untrained eye) tricolour on the plinth at Leinster House, Dublin this afternoon.

From left Mary Lou McDonald, Tsipearse Doherty and Gerry Adams.


(Sam Boal/



The lads.

This afternoon from left: Fianna Fáil’s Thomas Byrne, Michael McGrath and Niall Collins.

(Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland)



Mick Wallace (top) this afternoon; Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson (right and his son Gareth last year.

A multi-headed monster.

From Greece (!)

“Yeah, he [Peter Robinson] very categorically came out and declared that he had no interest whatsoever, hadn’t gained anything as a result of this particular transaction carried out in the name of Northern Ireland with this company Cerberus.

A fascinating name, it comes from Greek mythology actually, a three-headed, multi-headed, three-headed dog which guarded  the gates of Hades…hence this monster of a story now and it’s really turned into a monster story which is consuming every lawyer and every barrister in Northern Ireland and stretching now deeply into Dublin on the back of [Independent TD] Mick Wallace’s claims in the Dáil – some of which I actually challenge.

In fact, the offshore account was not rumbled as a result of an audit, a routine audit of Tughans’ accounts. In fact, my understanding is that the managing partner at the centre of this controversy, who’s no longer working with Tughans, actually advised his fellow partners there was a big payment coming down the line and, eventually, a fee….”

Veteran Northern Ireland journalist Eamon Mallie on Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTÉ Radio One this morning.

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Pic: Pacemaker




Mick Wallace’s response to an invitation from John McGuinness, chairman of The Public Accounts Committee, this afternoon.

Via Mick Wallace


He said Mr [Sean] FitzPatrick referred to the name “Denis O’Brien” and referred to him as “my mate, Denis”.

Mr Gillespie told the court he was able to reassure Mr FitzPatrick as he did not believe then and he does not believe for a second that the name had anything to do with the Denis O’Brien most people have in their minds.

He said it was a common enough name and this was a different individual who had an address in the UK.

Mr Gillespie said he recalled that Mr FitzPatrick described him as “a bit naive”.

Not to be confused with Vladimir Savčić.

Trial hears FitzPatrick was concerned about ‘mate’s name on list for Revenue (RTÉ)