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Behold: The Lamborghini Urus – a  twin-turbo, 650-horsepower, V8 SUV from the supercar marque.

Imagine the looks you’ll get when you park in the disabled spot outside Donnybrook Fair and nip in for houmous.


Behold the 6.4L V8 Rezvani Tank SUV, a 500bhp, ‘tactical’ 4×4 complete with thermal night vision, LED auxiliary floodlights and a head up display, ideal for hunting zombies in the future dystopia or irradiated wasteland of your choice, snugly ensconced in a luxurious leather interior with power-activated rear suicide doors.

Yours for €151,000+


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Last Thursday, with a 27-foot surf warning in place, a driver headed out along a pier at Humboldt Bay in California to enjoy the show.

He did not drive back.



A two pipe mystery.

Further to the hit and run in Dublin during irish Water demonstration on Wednesday.

So many questions.

Martin C writes:

Just wondering if you knew any update on the hit and run? a workmate made a complaint to the guards about it last night but he said they were a bit dismissive
it got a mention on that 104 phoneshow and I know it’s been in the Examiner but given it’s nature things have gone suspiciously quiet….finding it hard to believe nobody has the full reg number for this Jeep Grand Cherokee yet, its a rare enough beast….don’t think there’s traffic cams on Butt Bridge but still and all you can almost make the reg out from the footage that lad caught, someone must have a still..

John C writes:

 On the evening of the 10th,this story was widely reported. When first reported, Gardaí, who said investigations were ongoing, were explicitly able to say the SUV did not mount the kerb. Fast forward one day and footage emerges of the SUV clearly mounting the kerb….


UPDATE: The Blurry Reg Of Shame

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Law & Order SUV


Irish Water protesters surrounding an SUV after it mounted the pavement and hit a lone pedestrian, by Butt Bridge in Dublin city centre yesterday

Further to our earlier post of a video showing an SUV mounting the pavement and striking an Irish Water charge protester before speeding off with another person on the bonnet in Dublin city centre yesterday, Kevin Des Keane – who witnessed the incident and took pictures – writes:

“It happened on Butt Bridge around 3:15pm. A silver SUV (Landrover?) mounted the footpath from behind the lorry. When it got to one of the 30-odd protester that were slow marching at that junction on the road and path, the SUV, after what looked like a brief start/stop situation, didn’t stop and knocked him over. As that was happening more people realised what was going and went towards the SUV. It then continued through with one person on its bonnet a few meters who was also in its way. He managed to get off with being run over and the jeep left the scene on past the Customs House. The first man was taken away by an ambulance. I don’t think he was hurt too bad but both were definitely very lucky. It could have been really bad.”

These are Kevin’s pictures and captions:

20141210 Water Protest 1

This was taken 3 mins before the incident. Everyone young and old were in good spirits. You can see the lorry behind her. From behind the lorry the jeep mounted the footpath.

20141210 Water Protest 3

Second man on bonnet as jeep tried to come off the footpath onto the road.

20141210 Water Protest 4

First man on the ground immediately after being hit by SVU. You can see the position and the distance the SUV had to travel on the footpath to reach the first protester it hit.

20141210 Water Protest 5

First man being treated by paramedics 10 minutes after the incident. Again, more perspective of the footpath and distanced travelled by the jeep.

Out and about (Kevin Des Keane)

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