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The Save Our Community Meeting in the Anner Hotel Thurles, Co Tipperary last October

Up to 1,500 people gathered at a meeting in Thurles on Thursday night to call for urgent reforms of bail laws to help tackle a growing “epidemic” of rural crime

Senior gardaí were present for the meeting, including Assistant Commissioner Jack Nolan and Chief Supt Catherine Kehoe for the Tipperary division.

The gathering heard calls for a series of tough measures to help combat the problem, such as electronic tagging of convicted criminals, stronger trespass laws and greater Garda resources.

Calls for bail law reform to tackle rural crime ‘epidemic’ (Irish Times, October 8, 2015)

Burglaries were down by 5 per cent, 26,246 report crimes last year. That development will come as a relief to the Garda and Government who had both been under pressure over the continued rise in burglaries.

The debate about rural crime was a feature of the election campaign, with claims that burglaries were occurring most frequently in rural areas, despite data showing the problem was growing much faster in Dublin.

…Like drugs offences, gun crime has declined significantly, halving in some areas…

Murder rate falls to 21 year low but threats to kill rise, CSO finds (Irish Times, today)


Olaf Tyaransen (top) and independent researcher Tim Bingham speaking at a journalism conference in University College Cork this morning

This morning.

At University College Cork.

A discussion about the media and the decriminalisation of drugs is taking place at UCC’s 8th Annual Journalism Conference – involving ‘erb-loving writer Olaf Tyaransen and Independent justice researcher Tim Bingham.

Some snippets…


The 8th Amendment will be discussed at 2pm this afternoon with a panel including Tara Flynn, Colm O’Gorman and Nell McCafferty.

Pic: Graham De Barra and Dion Davis



Pic: Dion Davis


The MP7 sub machine gun

“The GRA are stating clearly and unambiguously this morning that we don’t have the resources and we’re seeking immediately for the introduction for the RSU in the Dublin metropolitan region – now that has been sought for a long time by the GRA..

.[The RSU] is a regional support unit. They’re an armed unit, constantly there 24/7, they’re ready to respond to instances like these.

Now we’re also looking for the immediate reintroduction of the MP7 sub machine gun for the DDU and return of the Uzi sub machine gun on, until the the MP7 is introduced, that was taken away in 2012, that hasn’t been replaced. The MP7 gives better protection and accuracy for the members using them.”

Dermot O’Brien, pres of GRA, on RTÉ Radio One’s Morning Ireland earlier.


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This morning.

The body of Eddie Hutch Snr, brother of former crime boss Gerry Hutch, is removed from his home on Poplar Row, Ballybough, Dublin where he was killed last night in an apparent reprisal for Friday’s Regency Hotel shooting.

Last night: Meanwhile in Dublin

Yesterday: ‘They seemed Very Calm And Collected’

Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews


PhD candidate in economics at University of Michigan Enda Hargaden

Further to David Higgins’ number crunching

John McManus, in today’s Irish Times, writes:

“Rural crime has got more to do with unemployment in rural areas and the economy as whole than it does with the number of Garda stations or repeat offenders out on bail. Economic theory holds that crime is a rational alternative to traditional employment when it it is not available and nowhere has it been more eloquently proven than in pre- and post-crash Ireland.”

“A candidate for a PhD in economics at the University of Michigan, Enda Hargaden, has looked at the relationship between employment levels and crime in the Republic over the 11 years between 2003 and 2014… He found crime levels rose and fell in tandem with employment in any given area. The relationship was particularly strong for theft and burglary…”

Hargaden was even able to quantify the relationship and found that an increase of 1,000 in the numbers on the dole in a particular county or Garda district led to an extra 50 break-ins and thefts.”

John McManus: Rural crime is about jobs not Garda stations or the bail laws (Irish Times)

Read Enda Hargaden’s study here

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christopher-morris-photographs-the-gritty-NYC-subway-in-1981-designboom-14christopher-morris-photographs-the-gritty-NYC-subway-in-1981-designboom-02 christopher-morris-photographs-the-gritty-NYC-subway-in-1981-designboom-07 christopher-morris-photographs-the-gritty-NYC-subway-in-1981-designboom-06 christopher-morris-photographs-the-gritty-NYC-subway-in-1981-designboom-05 christopher-morris-photographs-the-gritty-NYC-subway-in-1981-designboom-03christopher-morris-photographs-the-gritty-NYC-subway-in-1981-designboom-08
Photographer Christopher Morris’s shots of the NY subway 33 years ago – the grimy, crime-ridden, tag-covered face of what, until a crackdown by the NYPD and Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy in the late 90s, was one of America’s most dangerous cities.

(Top pic: An original chalk drawing by the late artist Keith Haring. Bottom pic; two vigilante ‘Guardian Angels’ )