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This morning.

Thomas Street, Dublin

Dhaughton writes:

On the left is a cycle lane running along Thomas Street to James’s Street. I counted 18 cars parked in it this morning. The same cars are parked there all day everyday, even though there is a paid carpark on the left.

That road is so dangerous now with the increase in rerouted bus traffic and the increase in traffic from the on-going works in James’s hospital.

You also have to deal with the cars being over the white lines and the cars and buses being forced into your path by the traffic island on the right.

And all that before having to deal with the hell which is the James’s Street Luas tracks just ahead.

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This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2

Minister for Transport Shane Ross with junior minister Ciaran Cannon at the formal handing over of a submission about Minimum Passing Distance Law (MPDL) to the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Transport (JCT).from cycling bodies in Ireland, including (pic 2) Ernestine Woelger from Skerries Cycling Club with Vice-President of European Cyclist Federation Dr. Damien O Tuama

The number of cyclist fatalities (15 dead) increased by 50% in 2017.

The proposed distance is 1.5 metres.


Leah Farrell/RollingNews

Dublin Cycling tweetz:

This one on the corner of Guild Street gives me nightmares when it’s wet. The combination of the bend, parked cars, door zone, wet steel, upcoming junction and drivers trying to overtake on the bend to make the lights makes it a worrisome spot.

gwhite addz:

This one at the Coombe is also slightly off camber and treacherous when turning left with busses bearing down on you.

Dublin Cycling writes:

“In 2012, before Luas Cross City construction began, the NTA commissioned a report on the integration of cycling & trams. Here are that report’s recommendations. Nowhere in the report is a ban or “dismount” of cyclists recommended or even referenced. Nowhere.”


Dublin Cycling


Free tonight?

Commuting in Ireland (from Census 2016)

How do you get to work?

A survey of commuting habits in in Ireland, taken from last year’s census, is published today.

The Central Statistics Office writes:

In April 2016, 56,837 people cycled to work, an increase of 43% since 2011. Three quarters of these were males.

Two thirds of all cyclists were in Dublin city and suburbs, with 38,870 persons cycling to work. In contrast, just 2,330 people cycled to work in Cork city and suburbs, 1,874 in Galway, 968 in Limerick, and 395 in Waterford…


Census 2016 Profile 6 Commuting in Ireland

On the Finglas Road, Dublin

As a pedestrian, I am interested in the debate concerning cyclists who do not feel safe while cycling on the road. Following a few recent near-misses with cyclists and skateboarders on local footpaths, I now feel anything but safe while out walking. Maybe a solution would be “pedestrian only” lanes on footpaths? Or should pedestrians consider wearing crash helmets?

Anne Cahill,
Dublin 22.

Pedestrian safety (Irish Times letters page)

Pic and related: Footpaths are for cyclists when it suits Dublin’s councils (Irish Cycle, 2011)