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Taiwanese choreographer, inventor and video artist Huang Yi dances a duet with KUKA — a robot he programmed — set to the cello stylings of Joshua Roman.


A 2011 short by Masahiko Sato and Kohji Robert Yamamoto combining motion-tracking data of a ballerina’s dance with the vintage animation technique of rotoscoping.


Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 01.12.39

A charming recent video of an old chap discarding his canes to Rock Around The Clock, since gone viral and set to a variety of alternate tunes including this inspired sync to DJ Snake and Lil John’s Turn Down For What (which you should also see in its musicless version here)



French director Marc-Antoine Locatelli’s performance art project featuring dancer Lucas Boirat’s flowing interactions with an elusive light source.

It’s rather excellent, we feel.

(H/T: John Quinlivan)


He will survive.

Just probably not as a professional dancer/choreographer.

Henry Street, Dublin within the last hour.

Thanks Sarah E