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And the price of speaking out against them.

From the ‘Very Opinionated Kate Wand Show‘.

Covid response critic Ivor Cummins writes:

A must watch. I can say no more. You can support the corporate takeover of our society. Or you can support truth in science, and protect our future. The latter protect our society, over the actions of vandals. It is your choice. Make it wisely….

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Oisin writes:

The pictures of scuffles and pepper spraying yesterday was fairly depressing and frustrating stuff but here is a lighter side when a not very local header took advantage of an unguarded microphone. Highlights include: “Ireland is a baby foetus”, “A lake in Ballyphehane is the centre of the universe’ and “K, Q, X, Y and Z are only a pile of Roman crap.’

(Video: Mark Moloney)