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This evening.

Richmond Street, Dublin 2.

Happy Molloy writes:

Just saw this interesting piece of graffiti…not too sure if there was text on and below the bottle that was painted out or if that is part of the graffiti.


Josh_Keyes_01 Josh_Keyes_02 Josh_Keyes_03 Josh_Keyes_04 Josh_Keyes_05

Acrylic paintings by artist Josh Keyes who sez:

Who is to say what surface is to be kept graffiti clean? My personal concern is that this will be a reality some day and speaks to a larger issue of our relationship with the natural world. The satellite and space graffiti hints that even if we colonize other worlds, what mark will we leave? No matter where we go there is evidence of our presence.

Fair enough.



A clever anamorphic by Czech graffiti artist Milane Ramsi: his name written backwards with the background painted in to create the illusion of floating 3D typography.