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Enny Buono of Cesellato at work

Something for the weekend?

Enny Buono came to Dublin in 2013 from Naples, Italy.

He set up Cesellato on Wexford Street, Dublin 2.

It is now regarded by many as one of the best barbers in the country.

Which is no surprise.

Because, as Enny writes:

I come from a family of roughly 40 barbers and hairdressers, spanning four generations.

My father, Ciro Buono, continued the trade after my granddad’s passing, opening his own shop 48 years ago, which is still open to this day.

After school my sisters and I would go to the shop and wait until closing time to go home. This time spent in the shop is where we learned one very important thing; The Client is King.

I started to get involved in the shop, sweeping the floors, shampooing, leathering shave, changing cut throat blades and getting to know the clients.

At the age of just 8, I started working on giving shaves for the first time. I finished compulsory school at 12 and began working full time straight away.

At 13, I went to the Hair Academy to become a Master Barber and then a Teacher, which took 7 years to complete. At the time, I was the youngest one, the others in my class were all over 30..

Last week, Enny contacted us to offer two male Broadsheet readers the full Cesellato treatment – a wash and cut and hot towel shave – for free in a grooming giveaway.

We tried to explain that we usually do music vouchers and whatnot and not haircuts but Enny charmingly persisted Napoli-style. No freebies, shaves or hot towels were given for this post.

To enter, all Enny wants to know is your worst barber experience?

Lines MUST close at 3.30pm EXTENDED until 5.30pm 10.45pm EXTENDED unitill 9am Friday.