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Li_Hongbo_Bust_of_David_paper_70x50x50cm_2012_1 Li_Hongbo_Bust_of_David_paper_70x50x50cm_2012_2hongboLi_Hongbo_Bust_of_Michelangelo_paper_50x20x25cm_2012_1 Li_Hongbo_Bust_of_Michelangelo_paper_50x20x25cm_2012_2

A new exhibition of works by artist Li Hongbo at Klein Sun Gallery in New York.

The sculptures, based on traditional Chinese paper gourds and constructed from thousands of sheets of paper into configurations that twist and elongate in any direction, often take the artist months to complete.

Openings: Li Hongbo – ‘Tools of Study’ @ Klein Sun Gallery (Arrested Motion)

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