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glove-1 glove-3

Stop motion animator Dillon Markey (who works on projects for Robot Chicken and PES) has found a new use for the daft, glorious but ultimately failed 1980 Nintendo Powerglove,

Rewiring and modifying the device with the help of an engineer, he’s connected it via Bluetooth to the stop motion software he uses for animations like ‘Swan Song’ for PES.


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No, not a spoof viral for an upcoming zombie apocalypse flick but the gleeful and terrifying promo for armament developer G2 Research’s new and highly controversial Radically Invasive Projectile, the G2 RIP, released early this year – a bullet featuring tiny knife-like ‘trocars’ that penetrate and shred flesh.

Initially marketed at women in the home as a ‘one-shot man-stopper’, it’s designed to take out ‘all vital organs’, creating a massive exit wound in the process.


(H/T: Andrew Sheridan)

Ryoichi ‘Keroppy’ Maeda helps Tokyo’s “freaks for the night” get into character by dripping saline into their foreheads for two hours while they depress the center of the swelling, creating the signature “bagelhead” look.

So you’re the man responsible for bringing it to the masses. How does the whole process work?
It’s quite easy – we use medical saline solution and using infusion we pump it into the forehead for about two hours, or until it’s ready.

Two hours! Fucking hell. How long does it last?
Just one night. The body absorbs it over time so by the next morning it just goes back to normal. We enjoy being freaks for the night, ha ha.

Does the skin ever start to sag?
No. Everyone I know who has done it, no matter how many times, their skin has gone back to exactly how it was before.

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