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This morning.

Dublin city centre

Robbie Coombes tweetz:

The queues outside Penneys is unbelievable, going right around the corner onto Parnell street from Mary Street….



This morning.

Cork City.


This morning.

Limerick city.

Penneys store in Rathfarnham Shopping Centre

This afternoon.

RTÉ reports:

“Primark, which trades as Penneys here, has asked the majority of its employees in its Dublin headquarters and Reading office in the UK to work from home tomorrow.

“It said it taking the move in order to test its operational readiness and IT capability should a situation arise where it needs to temporarily close one of its offices.

“The company stressed that it has not had any cases of Covid-19 amongst its employees.

Staff at Primark’s Dublin headquarters asked to work from home tomorrow (RTÉ)