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Mark Carruthers was joined by Billy Hutchinson (PUP), Alasdair McDonnell (SDLP) and Mike Nesbitt (UUP) on yesterday’s Sunday Politics for a discussion about flegs.

Billy Hutchinson, the leader of the Progressive Unionist Party repeated the claim he made on Friday that he is not a loyalist leader.

As to who put up the flegs, he said “it was Protestants who put them up.”

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Not On My Pole

tuna tuna5 tuna4 tuna3 tuna2Found by the side of a road in San Diego and adopted by Courtney Dasher, Tuna – a 3 year-old Chiweenie (chihuahua./dachshund cross) internet sensation – who looks like he’s been drawn by Matt Groening – has his own website, Facebook and Instagram account.

One day, he will lead us.

Tuna The Abandonded Puppy Becomes Adorable Internet Sensation
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“Well you know I find it very rich that an American would tell us to think about a new fleg flag how they actually bow down to their flag. You know, from my point of view, you know, the Union Jack is the national flag of the country. I am British and I live in Britain. So, I don’t want to see a new flag or do I want to even be involved in trying to create one.”


Current PUP leader and former UVF member Billy Hutchinson with Noel Thompson on BBC One’s Spotlight last night.


The UVF-linked PUP has said that there must be “safeguards” against “retribution” when dealing with the legacy of the Troubles. The party yesterday published a four-page document, ‘Transforming the legacy 2’, as Dr [Richard] Haass [US diplomat chairing all-party talks] began his work.

The postmodern document said that there could be no absolute truth about the Troubles because “truth is changeable”, arguing that there should therefore be no attempt to find “the truth” of what happened in the Troubles. It added: “There can be no attempt to use a reconciliation process to enshrine narratives about who inflicted the most and who suffered the most.”


PUP warns against any bid to find truth about the Troubles (Belfast Newsletter)

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