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The wickedly fast Japanese sport of ‘pepe-sumo’, or miniature robot sumo wrestling, filmed here in real time  and compiled (from several years of footage) by Robert McGregor.

Bouts don’t last long. Refs wear shin pads.



A very wee chess set complete with ivory and ebony board mounted on a silver ring made by Arduosity who describes it as ‘ near impossible to set up.’

In fairness.


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For your significant Whovian other. Available in Sterling Silver, white and tellow gold and platinum with your choice of gems on the spinning TARDIS from €930 (+6 week shipping)



Arcus Motion Analyzer – currently in development and funding on Kickstarter –  is a ring-sized, water resistant motion tracking device that also recognises gestures.

Feeding back in real time via a Bluetooth connection, multiple devices can be worn to generate complex data and metrics.


20130816041241-01__1_ 20130825035245-finger_1 20130816041749-chargerA prototype LED ring watch created by Hungarian designer Guszlav Szilaszai – still in development but currently halfway to goal funding on Indiegogo.

The developers say it’ll be powered by a tiny replaceable rechargeable lithium polymer battery with a three year lifespan.