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A defiant self-pleasuring device for the lonely patriot.

Sex Siopa’s Shawna Scott writes:

I chose to commemorate 1916 the only way I know how…with an Irish flag dildo specially custom made for Sex Siopa by our friends at BS Atelier. Till the end of 2016, €5 from each sale will be donated to the Abortion Rights Campaign.

The future I want to see for Ireland is one in which the women of this country are trusted to make informed healthcare decisions for themselves, and our doctors are protected under the law. If you trust women, the 8th Amendment needs to be repealed.

Available here: Sex Siopa

For the day that’s in it.

The tale of Margaret Kehoe, fatally injured on April 24th, 1916, while helping the wounded during that day’s rising effort.

Jane Lawrenson writes:

The video was produced by bigOmedia for the Ireland2016 team. It was directed by Kate Dolan and had an almost all female creative team working on it. It was made for International Women’s Day and for the launch of the 1916 Women’s programme.

Olga Wehry [1916] and Amy DeBhrún [2016] are the featuring actors. The video focuses on the differences and similarities between two women 100 years apart. It honours the women of 1916 while celebrating the women who are creating the Ireland of tomorrow.

Thanks Sinéad McCarthy

Women of Ireland 1916|2016

Big O Media

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