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Sculptural heels by footwear brand United Nude, which commissioned architects Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and Fernando Romero, and designers Ross Lovegrove and Michael Young to design them.

Each ladyhoof was then printed on an sPro60 Selective Laser Sintering machine.

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Drug dealer turf markings? Tributes to murdered friends? Tokens of lost virginity? Or just aggressive littering?

The Mystery of Flying Kicks – directed in 2010 by Australian self-confessed ‘sneaker head’ Mathew Bate – seeks the truth behind an urban phenomenon at which most people have wondered and around which an entire subculture has grown up. Sez he:

In an effort to get to the truth once and for all we asked the people of earth to help us solve this mystery. Using an on-line call out and a phone message bank, this documentary was made entirely from donated photographs, phoned-in theories, video, vlogs, and animation.