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Tomorrow at 10am.

In Cork city.

At St Peter’s Church on North Main Street.

Together For Yes will hold a media event – a month ahead of the referendum on the Eighth Amendment on May 25, 2018.

Those speaking at the event will include Orla O’Connor, Co-Director of Together For Yes; musician John Spillane, broadcaster and journalist, who will be MC, Joe O’Shea; and GP Mary Favier, of Doctors Together For Yes.


In Sligo

On Thursday, at 8pm.

There will be a public meeting in the Glasshouse Hotel during which Galway Independent TD Catherine Connolly and Ulster University’s Dr Fiona Bloomer will talk about abortion, the workplace and why a Yes vote on May 25 is “vital to protect the health and lives of women and girls living in Ireland”.

Pat Fallon, of the trade union IMPACT, will preside over the event while other local trade union activists will also address those present.

Thanks Sarah Clarkin and Therese Caherty

Free accommodation (with chair) for casual gardening work in Sligo

Are you a  green-fingered introvert?

Fancy a free(ish) month in the country?

Via Gumtree

An ideal situation for someone looking to save on rental costs while living surrounded by fantastic natural scenes [County Sligo].

The property is set in a spectacular location with views of the iconic Ben Bulben mountain, as well as nearby features such as beaches, surfing, hiking, scenic cycling routes.

Plenty of work has been done on the place over the summer but maintenance is necessary over the coming months. We don’t expect too much work, a few hours here and there just to keep the place ticking along.

We have plans to remodel the whole place into an artist retreat so it’s open to any initiative you can bring to the table in this regard too.

You could keep a job on the go while just doing some gardening work here the odd evening and on weekend afternoons.

We have a 4 acre plot and free accommodation space so if this all the above sounds good to you, this is your lucky day!…. Looking for someone who can stay at least a month between Sept-December.

Free accommodation for casual gardening work (Gumtree)

Kevin Whitty writes:

You would return a better person…

In Fairness/Fight!



Nocturnesfolk-tinged electronica with Sligo roots

What you may need to know…

01. Composer Pearse McGloughlin (pictured), late of indie bands Socialite, Thy Swan Army and Walkperson, now makes less ruckus with electronic project Nocturnes.

02. Under his own moniker, McGloughlin has released a triptych of long-players, most notably 2013’s Idiot Songs, a concept album that tackles and reinterpret Dostoevsky’s The Idiot.

03. Streaming above is the project’s debut long-player The Soft Animal, released last July via Bluestack Records.

04. Catch McGloughlin and collaborators this Sunday at Dublin’s Bello Bar, launching new single Dear Infant. Support from Ella Naseeb.

Thoughts: Simple pop songs, sans the saccharine, and set through a grimy, greyscale filter with fitting ambience.



This Side Up – Sligo hip-hop

What you may need to know…

01. Myster E, Shaol and DJ Noone are This Side Up, a Sligo hip-hop collective.

02. Emerging from a live rap cypher at a regular vinyl night of the same name, in the town’s McGarrigle’s pub, the trio have been quietly gaining momentum in Irish hip-hop the past few years.

03. Streaming above is the trio’s debut album, Full Fat, the follow up to last year’s 3075 EP. Featuring appearances from Spekulativ Fiktion, MC Muipéad and Verb T and Moreone.

04. Catch them tomorrow evening at Liquid Lounge in Cork for the Cuttin’ Heads Collective’s birthday, and on the 26th at the Grand Social in Dublin.

Verdict: A big, boisterous offering that not so much touches on, but lands a big elbow drop on, everything from mental health in Ireland, to world politics.

This Side Up


Globe House, Sligo

Amjad Rosstami is a 44-year-old Iranian Kurdish man who came to Ireland several months ago seeking asylum.

He reportedly came to Ireland via Britain where he was for four years.

After Ireland’s Department of Justice refused his application for refugee protection, Amjad faced a deportation order – to send him back to the UK – prompting him to go on hunger strike.

He is now on the 35th day of his hunger strike.

Ahmad Kamal, from Sudan, is Amjad’s roommate at Globe House where there were 195 asylum seekers living at the end of 2015. Ahmad has been in the direct provision system for 11 years.

Last Saturday, Ahmad spoke at Saturday’s rally in Dublin, calling for an end to the direct provision system and spoke of Amjad’s situation.

This morning, on RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke show, journalist Brian O’Connell broadcast an interview he carried out with Ahmad in Sligo last night.

“We share a room, he’s on hunger strike for 34 days. The first days were very horrible days – he was dying because [he was taking] no water, no food and his body not used to it. And then [after several days] when he started drinking [water], he seemed to be a little bit okay. Just, he’s so weak  and he lost a lot of weight.

“He used to be very healthy, muscle man, now he’s very weak. He’s looking like he’s dying. He’s not moving out of the room, he just keeps lying in the bed because he has no energy to move. He’s sugar is low, his blood pressure is low and he’s, he’s too weak.”

“He wants Ireland to look after his case. He’s like lost for four years in the UK. The UK, they refused him so he decided to come to Ireland. He thought that this is his last chance. Die or Ireland will look after him.”

“He’s in danger. Iran want him, he’s wanted there and if he’s sent back, he will be killed there.”

“He’s a very quiet man, he’s very gentle. He doesn’t talk much. I really worry about my friend, he’s getting weaker and weaker every day. A couple of days [ago] he stopped drinking water and now he’s on hunger strike without water…”

Mr O’Connell explained that, at around 9pm last night, Amjad was complaining of severe stomach pains, an ambulance was called and he was transferred to Sligo General Hospital.

He said it’s unclear whether Amjad remains in the hospital or if he has been discharged.

Mr O’Connell also reported:

There was a dramatic development in the case this morning. A Government source has confirmed that the deportation order has now been lifted and when I put it to them that the protest is continuing unless written confirmation is given, I’m told this will happen in the next few days – that he will be brought back into the asylum process on the basis that he stops his protest.

“Now, it’s unclear at the moment whether that will be enough to end the hunger strike, as he said he would only end the strike if he was officially interviewed by Department of Justice officials but it is a significant development. The deportation order which had been hanging over him has been lifted.

“But I guess many people at the vigil last night were asking: how was it that somebody could have been allowed spend 35 days on hunger strike before any significant progress was made?

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