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The impressive ouevre of Sutherland Macdonald,  Britain’s first professional tattoo artist.

Having first encountered the art in the 1880s during his time in the army, Macdonald set up his parlour at the Hamam Turkish Baths at 76 Jermyn Street in London in 1889. For the next four years, it was the only place a chep (or doughty gel) could get properly inked-up anywhere in Blighty.


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A new form of body ink from tech startup Ephemeral creates regular looking ‘trial’ tattoos that fade after a year (or sooner).

Apparently, the molecules of traditional tattoo dyes are too large for the immune system to eliminate, hence the permanence of the mark. Ephemeral’s smaller dye molecules have a protective coating that breaks down after a year. The dye can also be neutralised by a special solution at any point.

While still testing the process, the company hopes to bring it to market by late 2017.