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Behold: the psychedelic illustrations of Madrid-based artist Luis Toledo – otherworldly scenes and composite characters formed from vibrant blocks of colour, patterns, and mundane objects, like pineapples and leaves. Sez he (to Colossal):

I am interested in working on the complexity of human beings and animals, working against the medical anatomy atlases that try to simplify living beings. Nature always develops complex shapes, and I try to imitate that…


An installation by global design collective Universal Everything currently running at the Barbican in London as part of the AI: More Than Human exhibition.

Visitors are presented with a gyrating, wiggling abstract animation that tracks and mimics their movements via 47,000 possible variations.

The animation becomes more agile as it learns the specific movements of the observer. The exhibition runs until the end of August, if you’re passing.


The sounds of the Amazon rainforest rendered as visuals by digital artist Andy Thomas. To wit:

I see sounds as moving shapes and colours in my imagination. Bringing these to life is the challenging part. There are many countless hours drawing sketches and testing particle effects. Some of the results are more refined and closely match my imagination than others.

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Wheel thrown vases, cups and bowls pleasingly hand-finished before glazing by ceramic artist Abe Haruya.

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