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The local authority said capacity has been sourced at three additional locations to replace the beds closing in Brú and there will be an overall increase in the number of available beds.

Those currently sleeping in the hostel, which is used on a “one-night only” basis, will be accommodated in new facilities.

It is understood that not all of the replacement beds will be available immediately and not all are based in the city centre.

Homeless hostel in Dublin city centre set to close (RTÉ)


Jonny O’Malley, founder of funding hub Go Raffle It, writes:

We are running a raffle in aid of a not for profit Homeless organisation called Friends Helping Friends…

They do awesome work supplying hot meals on the street for the homeless and less fortunate people and also supply their other basic needs too such as clothing and toiletries.

Tickets (at link below) are only €10 each (you can buy multipe) to be in with a chance of winning a €500 All4One gift voucher. Thanks for your help folks ….

Friends Helping Friends 500 One4All Gift Voucher (GoRaffleIt)

Previously: Derelict Dublin

Children in homeless accommodation are displaying ‘suicidal ideation’, says Focus Ireland Independent.ie)

The Doors of Dublin, 1970 by Bob Fearon for Bord Failte

Doors of Dublin, 2019 by Graham Martin for The Dublin Inquirer

Dublin Inquirer

Last night’s homeless statistics revealed a total of 10,305 people had accessed emergency accommodation in the month of March.

Philip O’Connor writes:

Last month, to mark the fact that 10,000 Irish people found themselves officially homeless, I published an interview I did in Helsinki with Juha Kaakinen (above).

Juha is the man behind the policies that have seen homelessness in Finland drop drastically since they were introduced (see graph, centre).

These are tried, tested and successful solution that are working in a country with a similar population to Ireland’s.

Now, a lot of political people follow me on Twitter, and I know they have seen this interview – not only that, but Juha has also been to Ireland to speak on this very subject.

The figure that originally prompted me to publish the interview in full has since risen to 10,300. Of them, over 3000 are children.

The only logical conclusion one can draw is not that Irish politicians are ignorant of how the problem of homelessness must be solved. It is that they are very much aware of what they need to do, but they choose not to.

To put it bluntly, the people in power in Ireland are ideologically opposed to doing what is necessary to solve the crises of homelessness and housing. That’s fine – Ireland voted for them, and we have to own our democratic choices.

But whether you are a politician in a power or a voter heading to the ballot box, from the moment you hear what Juha Kaakinen has to say, you can no longer say that you didn’t know.

Philip O’Connor is an Irish freelance journalist living in Stockholm. You can support his work by visiting his Patreon account here

Last night: 10.305

This afternoon.

The Department of Housing has revealed that a total of 10,305 people accessed emergency accommodation in the month of March.

There are now 3,821 children homeless in Ireland with a total of 6,484 adults experiencing homelessness also.

Depaul CEO Kerry Anthony said:

“Recently we have seen in some of our emergency accommodations that over 50% of those new to homeless were between the ages of 18-34. It is important to point out that this is a sample representing Depaul’s emergency services however, for some young adults in our society that means starting your adult life off as homeless. We believe nobody should be faced with that prospect when they have so much to give and are at such a young age.”

Homeless figures reach new record level (RTÉ)


From top: The Tate Modern, South Bank London; Classical composer Gavin Bryars’ powerful  ‘Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet’, a piece centred upon an unknown homeless man’s vocal refrain

Free tomorrow?

In London?

Via The Big Issue:

Homeless people have been encouraged to attend the Tate Modern’s most accessible concert yet. The free 12-hour concert will take place at the venue on London’s South Bank at 8pm.

The show will feature British composer Gavin Bryars’ 1975 piece Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet.

People who have been affected by homelessness will perform alongside professional musicians from the chamber orchestra of the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields.

The Academy has been working with homeless people for roughly 20 years, but have never before orchestrated an event which involves those affected by homelessness so closely.

In fairness.

Free overnight concert at Tate Modern welcomes homeless (The Big Issue)

London orchestra Plays Through The Night (Slippedisc)

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