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‘Inception’-style visions of Russian cities by Vladimir-based production studio Lestnica – each one anchored by a single architectural feature around which the surrounding cityscape fans outward and upward in melon-twisting fashion.

A software algorithm was applied to cameras in semi-automatic mode to produce thousands of test images from which dozens of hours of work yielded the final composites.

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6682897153_050990dfa0_b6791207402_96ea87900b_b3073880527_f561848e2b_oslope+point+new+zealand+4 slope+point+new+zealand+10 slope+point+new+zealand+7Slope Point is the southernmost tip of New Zealand’s South Island – an exposed headland where the vast circumpolar airstream traverses the Southern Ocean unobstructed for 2000 miles before slamming into the land with such violent persistence that the trees are warped and twisted into grotesque and occasionally beautiful shapes.