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Ireland’s Rising.

Anne-Louise Foley writes:

“Ireland’s Rising is a new four-part documentary series, on RTÉ One, starting on Sunday at 8.30pm, in which well-known personalities travel back to their homesteads to discover what connection their chosen county has with the events of 1916. This Sunday, children in Wexford remember their 1916 ancestors, 100 years on.”



Rayna Connery writes:

“We’ll be screening the first promo for our new five-part 1916 drama Rebellion – starring Charlie Murphy, Brian Gleeson, Ruth Bradley, Michelle Fairley, Ian McElhinney, Barry Ward and Sarah Greene – tonight during the Late Late Toy Show and thought your readers might like a sneak peek on this rainy Friday afternoon. It will be screened in 2016.”

Ireland’s Rising (RTÉ)

90b94be9-982e-4df6-9591-a84b637c0a1ewexSeventy-three years ago, today.

A telegram message (above) from Dublin to Berlin in relation to a Luftwaffe bombing in Campile, Co. Wexford (top) in which three girls women died.

They were sisters Mary Ellen, 30, and Kitty Kent, 26, and restaurant worker Kathleen Hurley, 27.

Some historians say it was a message from Hitler to warn then Taoiseach Eamon de Valera to keep his promise on Ireland’s neutrality, which he did to the end.

Documents on Irish Foreign Policy

The day Hitler’s bombs brought death to a quiet Wexford village (Irish Independent, 2010)

H/T: Royal Irish Academy