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Stephen Dunne writes:

Local authorities cracking down on the latest craze on Wicklow town’s foot bridge.


Glencar, Co. Leitrim.

(Thanks Olga Wehrly)


Spotted in the Imperial Hotel in Cork city.

Thanks Dave Taylor


Dave Kinnane writes:

At Hook Head (obviously not referring to any overpaid celebrity troll)

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The proposed Laguna Garzón Bridge between Rocha and Maldonado in Uruguay. Designed by architect Rafael Viñoly to calm traffic and minimise the impact on the sensitive ecosystem of the lake beneath, it’s described as a ‘lagoon within a lagoon, observatory, tourist attraction and fishing spot’.

The bridge will replace an existing, seasonally hazardous two-car raft connecting the counties.


world trade centre 1966 sears tower 1970 chrysler 1929 NY Times building 1903 manhattan bridge 1909 golden gate bridge 1933 empire state early 1930s brooklyn bridge 1883

Above: The World Trade Center in 1970; Sears Tower in 1970) Chrysler Building in 1929, New York Times Building in 1903, Manhattan Bridge in 1909; San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge in 1933; the Empire State Building in the early 1930s and Brooklyn Bridge in 1883.

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