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At the Body & Soul music and arts festival last year

But do you also want to see the Ireland v Belgium match this weekend?


Alan Meehan writes:

Very few times does our little nation get to come together and rejoice in the achievements of Irish soccer at major finals. This is one of those moments and it needs to be grasped with both hands!

Let’s petition Body & Soul to bring a small piece of Ireland’s odyssey in France to a field in Westmeath! So that, together, we can recreate some of the joyous scenes that Irish fans are creating in France and do our nation proud by cheering on Martin, Keano and the boys down at Ballinlough Castle.

Wouldn’t you rather watch the game on a proper screen than on a phone that isn’t going to work anyway?

You can sign the petition here

Body & Soul

Sasko Lazarov/Rollingnews


People being deported from Greece to Turkey by Frontex officials on April 4

Further to President Michael D Higgins’ speech on Monday in which he was critical of Europe’s response to refugees and migrants who are continuing to travel to Europe…

A petition calling on the next Irish government to demand an end to the EU/Turkey deal states:

Since early March, the EU­-Turkey Deal has been implemented against refugees and migrants. This deal designates Turkey as a safe third country, something it patently is not. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 16 people, including three children, were killed by border guards as they crossed into Turkey this year.

Amnesty International has reported on such killings, predominantly of Syrian refugees, since 2013. Not alone this, but Amnesty has also documented that Turkish authorities have been expelling groups of around 100 Syrian men, women and children to Syria almost daily since mid­- January.

This mass expulsion of people to a war zone is illegal under Turkish, EU and international law. The registration process in Turkey is also deeply flawed and conditions in the camps there are often unsafe and present multiple health hazards.

…The EU must recognise that people will continue to flee war, danger and precarity, and that these measures are just driving them to make ever more dangerous journeys. Thousands of children have disappeared in Europe, almost 6,000 refugee children and minors were reported missing in Germany last year.

European Union estimates that at least 10,000 child refugees had disappeared after arriving in the continent were “very likely to be underestimated”, according to a senior official at Unicef. Children and vulnerable adults are being preyed on by traffickers and criminals.

The amount of money spent on policing and militarising this crisis could help to resettle the people in need of asylum, this is clearly not a financial issue.

We are witnessing the greatest displacement of people since the Second World War and this time we can see it unfold on our TV screens and computers. The response of the EU is shameful, inhumane and wrong.

Will the next generation look back on this time and wonder how it happened, how we let it happen?

Ireland has responsibilities to these people as it plays a role in their displacement due to the use of Shannon Airport by the US military.

The wars that refugees are fleeing from resulted from invasions, occupations and deliberate aggravation of pre­-existing tensions by the US military that we have been supporting at Shannon for the last 15 years.

Ireland also has a proud history of humanitarian activity, let us take a stand now to do the right thing, to play a positive and decent part in this crisis.

Call on your TDs to demand the suspension of the EU­/Turkey Deal and for Ireland to accept more refugees. The resilience, courage, solidarity and community they manage to create despite these terrible circumstances could immeasurably enrich our societies.

Let’s be on the right side of history this time. Demand the human rights of migrants are upheld and that there is safe passage for all.

Anyone who wishes can sign the petition – which will be sent to the signee’s local TDs – here

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One Love

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Following a Patrick O’Leary sending a petition to the Joint Committee on Public Service Oversight and Petitions last month – to have Conor McGregor’s face placed on €1 coins – Sinn Féin TD Padraig MacLochlainn told the committee last evening it can’t happen.

Not least because he can’t get a hold of Mr O’Leary.

Mr MacLochlainn explained…

“‘Put Conor McGregor on the €1 coin’ – this [petition] is from a Mr Patrick O’Leary. We’ve deliberated on this petition and unfortunately because we haven’t been able to establish contact with the petitioner, our rules are clear, it has to be deemed inadmissible.

“So, what we have thought about this is that, we would advise the petitioner, or any other interested party, that they may wish to contact the Central Bank to establish the EU rules around both commemorative coins and the normal EU coinage which may have restrictions negating the proposal made in this petition so… while unfortunately we can’t deem it admissible, and take any further action on it, it is a matter of public interest around how decisions are made and who goes on coins…”

Petition to put Conor McGregor’s face on €1 coin deemed inadmissible (Newstalk)


From top: Mick and Jack at the Aviva Lansdowne Road Nua; Rugby Goggles.

Look into the eyes.

Mick writes:

I am the parent of a boy who has been told by his coach at a local rugby club that in accordance with I.R.F.U. rules he can no longer play rugby as he has to wear protective goggles. Jack is seven. In the interest of equality and fairness I am appealing to the I.R.F.U. to reconsider its nonparticipation in the IRB Approved Protective Goggles Trial.

According to Marc Douglas (IRB), who has been contacted as part of this appeal “…the Goggles Trial [ to see if the eyewear can be worn without causing injury to any player] is ongoing and has been very successful … The feedback received has been overwhelmingly positive and it has enabled a large cross section of people to get into and get back into playing rugby….”The IRB “… are hoping that the goggles will become law soon”.

Naturally Jack is distraught as he cannot participate in rugby, a sport that he loves as he requires glasses. All I am asking for is that the I.R.F.U. sign up for the trial. Please sign our petition to support Jack and other people like him and allow them participate in rugby.

Mick’s petition has currently 704 signatures.

You can sign it here.

World Rugby Goggles Global Law Trial (World Rugby)

Mini and Leprechaun Rugby Regulations (Irish Rugby)

Thanks Anne-Marie McNally

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Adrian Fitz-Simon writes:

I made a video to help the efforts at Uplift in getting signatures for the Syrian refugee petition they’ve devised. It’s a version of Paul McCartney’s ‘Let ‘Em In’ cut to difficult-to-watch footage. My hope is it will help get the petition over the 45,000 signature target.

The Uplift petition currently has almost 37,000 signatures.

You can sign it here.

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Please stop the use of the Wild Mountain Goat from being suspended in a cage [as above] from the top of a crane at Puck Fair causing undue distress and stop the cruelty and abuse that is associated with the Horse and Cattle Fair at same event. Show the world that Ireland can be part of the modern world when it comes to enforcing animal rights’ laws and impose maximum penalties on people who are committing such hideous acts of cruelty. Let’s show the organisers of this event and Government officials that this cruelty must not be tolerated.

From a petition calling for an end to the suspension of a goat at the Puck Fair in Killorglin, Co. Kerry.

It currently has 10,365 signatures.

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Department Of Agriculture, Republic Of Ireland: Ban the cruelty of animals at Puck Fair (Avaaz.org)

Pic: Puck Fair


From RTÉ’s Nine O’Clock News on Wednesday

On the RTÉ Nine O’Clock News on Wednesday there was a segment by RTÉ’s Carole Coleman on the Gaza-Israel conflict, during which a woman in Gaza was on camera shouting.

As the woman is in the frame, Ms Coleman says in her report, ‘This Palestinian says she’s ready to strap on an explosive device and fight.’

Further to this, Abubakr Elsayed, in Donacarney, Co Meath, has created a petition calling for an apology from RTÉ.

From his letter to RTÉ:

I am writing to express my displeasure with your report on RTE news called “Hamas leader rules out ceasefire before negotiations” broadcast on 23/07/2014. In this report the news reporter states that the women in the segment says “She is ready to strap on an explosive device and fight”. Though this is not the case as she clearly said in Arabic “Everyday four kids die, everyday five kids die, where is the world, where is the religion”. This is obvious biased and deceitful reporting.


Watch RTÉ’s report in full here

Immediate apology for obvious biased and deceitful reporting on the Gaza issue (Change.org)

Thanks Droidus McMoidus via Snackbox O’Flaherty

Swenys (2)-2


Sweny’s, Lincoln Place, Dublin.

Dispensing lemon soap and whatnot in that buke and still open.

Do you care?

NO Yes Yes, etc

Wendy Conroy from Sweny’s sez:

‘Please can broadsheet.ie readers help us to spread the word about the serious threat of closure to our beloved Pharmacy due to our commercial rates more than doubling this year. We need as many signatures as possible on our petition [link below]. Thanks!’

Save Sweny’s From Closure (Change.org)

Pic: Sweny’s



(White O’Morn – the Irish thatched cottage in Tiernakill, Maam, Co. Galway and centrepiece of John Ford’s The Quiet Man (1952) as it was in the movie, top, and how it is today, above)

Patrick McCormick, from Belfast but living in Toronto, Canada, writes:

“This cottage, located at Tiernakill, Maam, County Galway, will forever be associated with John Ford’s classic 1952 movie ‘The Quiet Man’ starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.  Sadly, Sean Thornton and Mary Kate’s “wee humble cottage” currently lies in ruin.” 

“But did you know that ‘The Quiet Man’ cottage was – in reality – an actual historic family home dating back to the pre-1820s? The Joyce family were still living in the cottage at the time the movie was being made.”

“Historic records show the cottage existing on the same site as far back as 1820.  Ongoing research is sure to confirm that it existed well before even that early date.”

“In a bid to prevent further deterioration of this internationally recognised (and cherished) Irish cottage, we are respectfully requesting that Galway County Council add this historic location to the Council’s ‘Register of Protected Structures’ (RPS).”

“Many thousands of people from all around the world are already crying out to see this cottage restored to it’s former beauty (and are willing to help in any way they can).”

“Please, please, make your voice heard by signing this petition and supporting what would be a major step towards achieving the restoration of ‘White O’Morn’ cottage.”

Sign the petition here

Pic: Irish Echo and White O’Morn Foundation USA

Hmm. Intriguing.

Steven Lydon of Change.org is currently petitioning Education Minister Ruari Quinn s to expand the curriculum by introducing philosophy as a full subject.

The President supports it.

600 people have already signed up.

Steven sez:

In February 2012, the Royal Irish Academy for Philosophy and Ethics submitted a curriculum for a Leaving Certificate philosophy course to the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. Despite these encouraging initial steps, the Department of Education halted this process last year.
As Budget 2014 approaches, it should once again be emphasised that Irish citizens require a philosophical education to engage enthusiastically, critically, and independently with society. Because these educational goals are rights rather than commodities, they should not depend upon budgetary restrictions.

Vote here.

(Thanks Steve)